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What is GoAdBox?
GoAdBox is a Live Advertising & Sales Closing platform using Live Deals that work like Digital Employee's 24x7. It's a dynamic extension of your sales office and keeps your doors open day and night. It's designed to help both the business professional and the customer to reach buying and selling agreementsl.
How does it work?
Every business professional gets a 50 page Website and up to Four Deals per page. Website Pages are used to describe your business, your employees, or anything about the company you find beneficial to your customers. When you describe a product, service, or entire department of your business, You're Creating an Ad page and it should include a Headline, Benefits, Warranty, Delivery, and other important information. <br /><br /> After creating the Ad page you need the Call To Action tool to close the sale by collecting a deposit, or payment in full. This is when you create the Deal(s) which are attached to the Ad page. Your Ads & Deals work like a Virtual Employees 24x7 and you can modify them when needed. You can email the Ad page which includes all the Deals you created for that page, or, you can Text Deals separately to your prospects.<br /><br /> If you want to create Private Ad Pages & Deal(s) and you don't want appearing on your Website, check the 'Private' box at the bottom of the Page. Only the prospect you email or text can view them. Here's some Examples:<br /><br /> 1) Email > The business professional of a Kitchen Remodeling company creates an Ad page showcasing a renovation being considered by a prospect. The business professional can email the Ad page to the prospect and have up to Four separate deals representing the renovation included in the email. Each Deal can contain different terms like Down Payment, Interest Rate, Length of the Loan etc. The prospect picks the Deal that best meets their needs & makes a deposit to redeem the offer.<br /><br /> 2) Texting > The business professional of an Automotive Dealership creates an Ad page showcasing the vehicle. He/She can text up to Four separate Deals to Four-separate-prospects. Each Deal can contain different terms & conditions depending on numerous deciding factors. The Deal is accepted by the prospect when he/she makes a deposit, or, payment in full depending on the amount required by the dealership.<br /><br /> 3) Sharing > Every Ad page and Deal can easily be shared to social media using the FB & Twitter links underneath the title, or, by copying and pasting the embed link.<br /><br /> Summary:<br /><br /> Texting Deals: They can be Texted separately and there is a 'Private Deal' option so only your prospect can see the Deal in the text message. It is not visible on your Website. Text messages cost is less than .001 (1 cent) per text. Text messaging will be functional after onboarding with you GoAdBox sales representative.<br /><br /> Emails: ALL THE DEALS associated With that Ad page will be INCLUDED in the email. This does not require any setup and is free. So don't create different deals, for different prospects, on the same Ad page and email the Ad page. ALL THE DEALS FOR THE DIFFERENT PROSPECTS WILL BE INCLUDED in the email. If you need to email separate prospects about the same product or service, CREATE SEPARATE AD PAGES & attach the Deals you want included accordingly.
Private Texting to Close Sales
Sometimes prospects leave without buying & need 'to think about it'. Or, you need to send an updated offer after a phone call or Zoom meeting. Whatever the reason, we make it simple to get an updated agreement or offer approved by your prospect with our Private Deal option.<br /><br /> Just log into your dashboard & either create a new Deal, or, update an existing one. Then text it to your prospect so they can accept the offer with a deposit. <br /><br /> <li>Log into your Dashboard </li> <li>Click 'Add Deal' on the Ad page you're working with.</li> <li>Create the Deal. Remember, the Summary Description is the first line of text they'll see on their phone so personalize it. i.e. Hey John & Mary, It's Judy from Demo Company. I have great news - You're approved!</li><li>CLICK THE PRIVATE DEAL BOX on the bottom of the Ad page so it's not visible to the public, save the Deal.</li><li>Enter the phone number in the 'Text Private' box. </li><li>Click 'Text Private'
Text Marketing
Our Text Marketing is permission based. Only consumers who have opted to receive your Deals will get a message. This is a fantastic way for business professionals to personalize their messages when needed to reduce expiring inventory, or bring customers in on a slow day. And at less This technology is extremely effective and very affordable. Your text messages are only .075 each. So, you can reach 100 customers for only 75 cents.
Deals & Coupons
Deals are the call to action tool used to close sales by collecting a deposit, or payment in full. <br /><br /> Coupons can be used as to attract new customers and can be shown at checkout to redeem an offer. (i.e. Kids Eat Free on Wednesdays with every Adult Hamburger Meal) To create a Coupon, simply create a Deal and make the Item Value and Value with Discount $0 The offer will display 'Free' <br /><br /> Consumers can 'Subscribe To Deals' and receive your new Deals or Coupons in real time when you 'Text All' from your Dashboard. This is great for restaurants, retail stores having seasonal specials, or, specialty stores pricing items for customer acquisition. (i.e. Buy 4 Tires and Get 4 Free Oil Changes) <br /><br /> Your GoAdBox website is a dynamic extension of your sales department & you can update your Ads, Coupons, or Deals, 24x7.
Coupons: How to create one? Why use them?
Generate a coupon by simply creating a Deal & make the "Item Value" $0 and "Value with Discount" $0.<br /><br />They're super-easy to create on your website & all the customer has to do is show them at checkout.<br /><br />You can easily share them on Social Media and other Websites<br /><br />It allows customers to try new products or services at a reduced risk<br /><br />Everyone loves BOGO's<br /><br />It's Part of the Frugal Lifestyle.
What makes GoAdBox Pages so special?
Your GoAdBox Website works 24/7 helping your prospects make important decisions about your company & what you're selling. <ul> <li>You can create up to (4) Deals per Page (200 total) & share them on other Website(s) and on social media like Facebook & Twitter.</li> <li>DEALS & Text Messaging: Live Deals are created to close sales, or, just say 'Thank You' to existing customers using a rewards program. And you're not required to give up 50% of your retail like some coupon sites. <li>DEPOSITS: When a prospect decides to leave without buying, follow-up with a Special Deal & end the text message with a call-to-action option. "Unless you have any additional questions, we can go ahead and get started. Just redeem the 'Get Deal' that's included in this text and we'll get to work". <li>Live Chat & Facebook Messenger: You can exchange buying and selling information with your target audience in real time. They're a great tool for tracking previous conversations, solidifying deals, or assisting with customer service. (you must be logged into FB to use messenger)</li> <li>Facebook Comments: Comments can have as much as Four times the pull as 'Likes'. Positive comments show customers your previous engagements and efforts to answer questions and solve problems.</li> <li>Facebook Reviews: 91% of consumers read online reviews and each review is a form of Free Advertising for your business. Your name, your products and services are exposed to readers that increases their awareness of who you are and what you do. Reviews can provide the kind of mass exposure that you might never be able to afford through traditional marketing channels. </li> <li>Associated Ad pages: Instead of static webpage links, your customers view thumbnail photos and descriptions for easy review.</li> <li>Deals & Ad pages have Keyword search for Search Engines inside the platform. Keywords and Categories can instantly be updated as your circumstances change throughout the day/month/year.</li> <li>Analytics for your Deals & Ad pages are available in your Dashboard. If you use live chat, you'll receive a "Weekly Roundup" for your business that includes the number of visits your site received. Total number of chats. Total number of chats you missed. Any tickets you created. Your engagement response rate, and more.</li> <li>Customers can follow their favorite Merchants using Facebook Bookmarking and be the first to get great offers posted by the business</li> <li>Google maps for easy navigation</li> <li>Video embedding link on every Ad page</li> <li>Features and Badges </li> </ul>
"You're interested in X & Y (product, service, feature) right? If we get started today, you'll be up and running by [date]."
Encourage your prospect to make a decision by creating a personalized Ad for them at your dashboard and remind them of the benefits your business, product, or service provides. Don't forget to include photo's & a video if applicable. Then create the separate Deal(s) associated with the (product, service, or feature) they're interested in. Don't forget to include specific parts, benefits, & solutions each Deal contains. Then email the Ad Page to your prospect and all the Deals you created with that Ad will be attached (including the terms for each Deal) for your prospect to choose from.<br /><br />Example: An Automotive Dealership would create a personalized Ad about their Dealership and list the benefits of buying from them. The Ad would include photos & a video of the different vehicles/RV's the prospect was interested in. They would then create separate Deals for each vehicle/RV including the benefits & terms of each of each one accordingly (including the different deposit amounts & time given to hold the offer).<br /><br />Then they would email the Ad and All Deals would be attached for the prospect to choose from.<br /><br />This is their Virtual Employee at work. If the prospect makes a counter offer, the business would change the terms of the Deal in their dashboard and have the prospect refresh the Ad page. The new terms & conditions will appear and they would accept with a deposit.
How do I cancel or edit my Deals?
As the owner you can cancel or modify the content of the Deal, the quantity of the products or services offered, or even the amount of the discount if needed. However, be careful to keep the number of updates to a minimum so your customers don't get frustrated with continuing changes which could generate bad reviews.
How do I know if a Deal was purchased or a Deposit was redeemed?
You will be notified by: <ul> <li>Email notification.</li> <li>You can view the history of redeemed deals in your Dashboard. Click Stats to see who opened the Deal and who Checked Out & redeemed it. </li> </ul>
Deposits vs Payment in Full
You can collect the total purchase amount depending on what your customer is willing to pay. In some instances the Deal may be to large for immediate purchase and a Deposit can be collected instead. In these instances you can text a Private Deal & request the amount needed to accept the offer. This is an excellent way for your customer to either (1) accept the modified Deal, (2) make a counterproposal, or (3) reject it.
Can I connect my domain name to my GoAdBox Site?
Yes. If your domain name is registered at use the following instructions to forward your domain. <ul> <li>Log into your Account.</li> <li>On the right side of your domain name Click the DNS button.</li> <li>Scroll down to FORWARDING on the bottom Right side of the page.</li> <li>Click the pencil to edit.</li> <li>Copy your GoAdBox Site URL i.e.</li> <li>'Forward To' set to https:// Paste the URL you copied and remove the https:// which is at the very beginning.</li> <li>Select Permanent & Forward Only</li> <li>Check the box "Update my nameservers and DNS settings to support this change"</li> <li>Save</li> </ul> -OR- You can call domain support 480-624-2500 for free assistance in setting up the FORWARDING. Please Note: Domain changes may take 24 hours to propagate throughout the Internet.<br/> <li>DOMAIN NAMES REGISTERED WITH GO DADDY, MONIKER, NETWORK SOLUTIONS AND OTHERS. You will need to contact their Customer Service for support.
Is my GoAdBox Site mobile ready?
It's important that you have a business presence that is mobile-ready and user-friendly. You can relax knowing your Site is immediately mobile ready for both Android and Apple devices.
What do I get for the $397 setup fee?
Your Website Setup includes:<br /><br /> Two Onboarding Sessions to teach you everything you need to know to about using the Ads & Deals to Close more Sales! Up to 50 Pages with 4 Deals per page<br /><br /> Your Cover Image (usually your Logo)<br /><br /> Your Texting API Credentials<br /><br /> Your Live Chat Integration on Ad pages<br /><br /> Connecting your YouTube Video to the Website (if you have one)<br /><br /> Contact Information<br /><br /> Connecting the Website to your Facebook Page<br /><br /> Connecting the Website to your Twitter Page<br /><br /> Setting up the internal SEO Title and Keywords<br /><br /> Setting up your Vendor Profile for Stripe Credit Card Processing API Credentials. This requires a copy of your EIN to verify your Legal Business Name
What's in it for Consumer?
GoAdbox is about establishing relationships between local businesses and the consumers that support them. You can 'Subscribe to Deals' on any Deal the business is promoting and you will be the first to receive them Live in your FB feed, or via Text messages. This is an excellent tool if you're waiting for a on a particular item(s) from that business to go on sale.<br /><br />You can also use FB Messenger or reply via Text Message to make reservations, get customer support, make counter offers that influence the terms of the Deal to suit your needs and more. You can also view your recent activity i.e. "Redeemed Deal $700 - One Year of Lawn Care" inside your dashboard.
Is Live Chat Free? And can I use Facebook Messenger to chat with my customers?
Yes! Live Chat is FREE so you can deliver personalized answers for your customers. You can also setup FB Messenger by adding your FB username to the Ad page. (Example This works great if you assign individual people or sales teams to chat with customers. Both the consumer and the merchant must be signed into Facebook to connect.
How do I resize my photos?
You can easily crop, resize, and edit your images online for FREE at
What is an 'embed code' and how does it work?
Every Ad page and Deal has a Share Icon which is the Black Box with a clockwise arrow in it. Click this box and copy the Embed Code. Then paste the code on your Website or on Social Media where you want the Ad Page or Deal to appear. Ad pages that are shared will include ALL OF THE DEALS associated with the Ad page. Individual Deals that are Texted or Emailed Do Not include the Ad page they are attached too. Private Ad pages or Deals MUST have the 'Private' box checked inside the Dashboard.
What's the difference between "Park" and 'Private' Pages and Deals?
<ul>Parking Ad pages & Deals <li>When you Park an Ad page, all the Deals associated with that Ad page will also be Parked. They will not appear on your GoAdBox Site or at the GoAdBox platform. They are in your Dashboard waiting for activation at a later date. <ul>Private Ad pages and Deals <ul> <li>Private Ad pages and Deals are not visible on your GoAdBox Site, or inside the GoAdBox platform. They are designed to be Texted or Emailed so important buying and selling information can be exchanged.<li>IF YOU EMAIL AN AD PAGE, ALL THE DEALS ASSOCIATED WITH THAT AD PAGE WILL BE INCLUDED even if the Ad page is set to Private. However, you can Text and Email individual Deals separately. </li> One Advantage to Emailing a Private Ad page with the attached Deal(s) is the Video that's included with the Ad page is available for the customer to review. Deals texted separately do not have video.<ul> <li>
What is SSL Certificate and SiteLock Security?
Your GoAdBox Site is protected with an SSL Certificate which is a security protocol that establishes a secure connection between the web browser and server. SiteLock SMART (Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool) is a cloud based security tool that scans your Site for malware and vulnerabilities, SQL injection flaws and cross-site scripting. This technologically is an advanced product with an acute ability to find and automatically remove malware found on your Site. This helps prevent search engine blacklisting, which means keeping your GoAdBox Site online and your business running.</li> <li>REGISTERED TRADEMARKS</li>Sitelock and TrueShield are registered names and are not affiliated with GoAdBox,LLC
SiteLock Firewall - Protecting your GoAdBox Website
SiteLock TrueReview provides the GoAdBox Platform with a high-level overview of our web application firewall statistics. Each week we receive the results of Threats Blocked, Bot Traffic, Requests Saved, and Bandwidth Saved. This ensures us that you, our customers, can have the security of knowing we have complete visibility to the security of your Site(s). <ul> </li>Definitions</li> <li>THREATS BLOCKED</li> SiteLock TrueShield web application firewall protects your Site(s) against the top ten online threats, such as SQL injection, XSS, CSRF and unvalidated redirects and forwards.</li> <li>BOT TRAFFIC</li> There are essentially two types of bots. Good bots (search engine bots indexing your site) and Bad bots (cybercriminals trying to break in). TrueShield allows good bots in, while blocking bad bots from entering to protect your Site(s).</li> <li>REQUESTS SAVED</li> When your GoAdBox Site receives requests from Site visitors, it needs resources from our server to process these requests. This can cause your Site to slow down. With TrueShield, the end-user receives your Site's content without passing the request to our server, which gets it to your visitors faster.</li> <li>BANDWIDTH SAVED</li> Reducing bandwidth is important to improving your Site's load time and saves your customers valuable time as well. Faster page loads for your customers and Site visitors means a better overall experience.</li> <li>REGISTERED TRADEMARKS</li>Sitelock and TrueShield are registered names and are not affiliated with GoAdBox,LLC
Can I connect my GoAdBox Site and the Deals to my existing website?
Sure. Your customers can see all of your Deals, Pages, and Ad pages at your existing website. ( To connect your GoAdBox Site to your existing website, just create a link from your website to the designated Webpage you've chosen as your GoAdBox landing page. All associated Pages, Ad pages, and Deals will be connected. <br /> <br /> For a more engaged experience, get a domain name and include it in your advertising so your customers can go directly to your GoAdBox Site and view your Ad pages & Live Deals. <br /> <br /> If you need a domain name go to Domain names are only $11.97 per year. If you need help forwarding your domain name to your Site landing page, call 480-624-2500 Before you call, make sure to decide which Page you selected for your landing page so you can tell the agent which URL to use.
I forgot my password?
If you forget your password, please click on the 'Forgot your Password?' link on either the Business Login page or Customer Login page. (see the links below) The password recovery email will be sent to the email address provided from your Contact Information. The email will contain a link which will redirect the user to the 'Manage Account' section, where the password can be updated. Here are the links. Copy the one you need and paste it in your browser. <ul> <li>Business link:</li> <li>Shopper link:
Why am I receiving an 'Account Locked' message?
If you attempt to access your account and type in an incorrect password 5 times the account will lock for 1 hour. This is for security reasons.
How does the "Sign me in automatically" work?
The "Sign me in automatically" is optional, it saves your username and password on your computer and every time you access the page you will be automatically logged in.
Can I change my Username?
Yes, you can do that by going to 'Manage account' > 'Account Settings' and typing your new e-mail.
Can I get an email address with my domain name?
Yes. At we recommend the Unlimited Business package. It is only $1 more per month from the standard Business package, and it works from your smartphones, tablets, Web browser desktop clients and has everything you need for all devices. It includes 5 email addresses and unlimited storage. <br /> <br /> For more information call Domain name support 480-624-2500 anytime or go to this domain:
Refund Policy
We want both businesses and consumers to have a positive experience. Our Businesses customers are billed a monthly subscription fee. The monthly charge is refundable if notice is received NLT the 7th of the month. This means you email must be dated by the 7th of the month. Send your cancellation request to or call 937.203.8029<br /> <br />Consumers wanting a refund or warranty information for a product or service should contact the Business Directly.<br /> <br />If you believe the business acted unfairly, please email with the business name, domain name, or site link and contact information. Also include your name, contact information and why you are requesting a refund. We will reach out to you a.s.a.p. to help resolve your issue.
How do I cancel my service?
Use the Contact link at the main website here or call 937-203-8029.